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Yusufy is a brand born through the collaboration of world-renowned artist Emre Yusufi and his two partners, London based entrepreneurs Ali Samli and Goran Svilar - founders of CONSEPT.


Although Yusufy brand is based on Emre Yusufi's art, the brand is making a unique Yusufi style accessible to a wider audience. In the words of the three partners: " We love seeing incredible Emre's art pieces in big houses, apartments, gardens, but we are aware that we are missing a gap in the market where people like to decorate their houses with smaller decorative items, buy gifts of higher value but not necessarily higher price. For this clientele, we decided to create a "commercial" range of products that are still limited to a small number of pieces in each edition and is signed by the artist which makes the value of products significantly higher than its price but also makes them highly collectable. "


Emre Yusufi

Emre Yusufi is a Turkish artist, graphic designer, and art director. During his education years in Florence and Istanbul, Emre was inspired by the mythical and venerable hero: Hercules. After returning to Istanbul, he began to create sculptures and images that play on the traditional Greek Gods with a unique, modern twist. With his impressive works depicting Hercules in a range of forms, whether on motorcycles, wearing Converse, or playing water polo, Emre’s creativity and imagination is intertwined in every component of his work. The creator of the modern Hercules uses different digital techniques to make his hero live. 

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